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Sliding glass doors open Marley's world

  • Volunteers' hearts were filled when they came together to help Marley's wish come true.

  • Marley's living room before (on top) and after renovation!

  • Marley and her Mom and Dad share a loving moment together.

“ These moments [made possible with the glass doors] strengthened the bond within our family. ”

- Marleys Mom, Natalie

Marley just celebrated her 15th birthday, something her parents were unsure they would see. She has a brain malformation and a seizure disorder. As she has become older, any sort of mobility has become more difficult, and her strength has diminished.

Natalie, Marley’s mom, shared, "The road of special needs parenting can often be quite lonely, and having people, like you, come along side and genuinely care enough to help make our lives  easier is so much more than a physical gift.  It makes you realize that you are not so alone and that there are many people out there who care. It's hard to explain what it feels like to have a team of people at our home, on behalf of Make-A-Wish® Idaho, with nothing else in mind except how to help Marley, and how to help our family function better as a unit. 

As parents, the greatest gift is knowing that your children experience love, joy, comfort, and safety. Before Marley’s wish, it was often difficult to keep our eye on her younger sisters as they played outside, and care for Marley. While a sliding glass door is found in many homes—for our family—it was a little different. Marley now sits by the beautiful sliding glass door and can feel fresh air and sunlight on her face. Each day, she experiences the joy of easy access to a new day outside, and the chance to watch her sisters play from the comfort of her chair; participating in the laughs and blissful moments we share. Together, these moments strengthened the bond within our family.”  

Marley’s wish to have sliding glass doors to access the outside and enjoy her yard with our family has transformed our lives, all due to kindness and generosity from our community. To see Marley’s wish come to life, please visit:

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