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The extraordinary poodle delivery


“ Lupita was so happy! ”

Lupita is a happy and kind girl who loves to ride her bike and swim. Her parents say that she is always willing to help others. Unfortunately, Lupita has been struggling with cancer as well as the side effects of chemotherapy. So she wished for a cute poodle puppy to be by her side.

Lupita picked out her favorite baby poodle and waited patiently for him to mature until he was old enough to leave his mother. She named the pup Benji.

It was almost time for Lupita to meet her new best friend, but a most unexpected thing happened. The coronavirus pandemic came to Idaho and everybody in the state was ordered to stay in their homes. It looked like it would be months before Lupita and Benji would be together.

Make-A-Wish Idaho told the Blaine County Sheriff's Department about Lupita and Benji, and the officers there knew that something had to be done. Deputy Mitma and Sergeant Shaw loaded Benji into their cruiser and delivered the pup safely to his new home.
Lupita was so happy! And Benji was, too.

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