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Jared Weight Room Remodel

Lift Life Firth Grand Opening

“ Before treatment I just lifted for football but during treatment I lifted to live ”

- Jared

When 18-year-old Jared was asked about his one true wish, there was no hesitation. He wanted to share his wish with his school and community by wishing to remodel his high school’s weight room.

Jared was referred to Make-A-Wish Idaho by his family just before his senior year. Throughout his treatment and the wish process, he steadfastly requested a very unique and selfless choice. Jared wished to not only have his high school weight room remodeled, but asked to be involved in the experience for his senior project. He wanted to be part of the process and work hands-on to build a better space for his whole school.

Jared was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2015. For the next nine months, he went through weekly chemotherapy treatments all while continuing to play sports and working out daily.

“He’s the first guy that I can think of that actually was able to compete at a highly competitive level despite the fact that he was getting one of the most intensive chemotherapy regiments that we can give a person.” – Jared’s oncologist, Dr. Jeff Hancock

Through good days and bad days, Jared kept a positive attitude and touched the hearts of not only his teachers, schoolmates, and community, but other cancer patients as well.

“His dedication to maintaining optimal physical condition absolutely helped him through this. He has recovered blood counts, physical strength, and mental agility far better than most of my patients. I’ve got lots of patients who have used him as inspiration through their chemotherapy.” – Dr. Jeff Hancock

Make-A-Wish Idaho was able to partner with the Lift Life Foundation, a division of, whose mission is to give young people a place to improve their fitness levels, boost their self-worth, and become their best selves in life. They serve underfunded schools across the U.S. who have old, unsafe weight rooms and completely transform them into state of the art facilities. Through this partnership, and with the help of the entire Firth community, Jared’s wish was granted in time for his high school graduation. Firth High School named their new space the “Jared Andersen Weight Room” and Jared was able to leave knowing his gift will benefit students for years to come. 

Watch Jared’s full heartwarming story here - Jared's Wish

  • Grand Opening of Jared Andersen Weight Room

  • Hanging the Plaque

  • Jared Graduation

  • Jared with staff members Julie and Sarah

  • Lift Life Firth Grand Opening

  • Presentation of the Jared Andersen Weight Room

  • Weight Room After

  • Weight Room Before

I thought it was just going to be a paint job and a couple weight sets, now it’s something to be remembered by, a legacy ”

— Jared

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