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One Happy Camper


“ He loves anything with tires. ”

- Chris' mom

Three-year-old Chris is a funny, outgoing, unique and headstrong child. He likes large, powerful vehicles like monster trucks and construction equipment. When he’s outside, he plays with his toy excavator or on his Power Wheel, and when he’s inside, he races toy cars. “He loves anything with tires,” his mother said.

Besides for motorized vehicles, Chris also enjoys camping. However, Chris has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system, and camping trips usually only last a night due to his treatments.

Chris' love of camping and conveyances made his camper wish an easy choice. A camper provides the fun of camping with the safety of being at home. He added one caveat to the wish; he wanted bunk beds. “I don’t know what intrigues him about bunk beds, but that was the main feature he wanted in his RV,” his mother said.

Blue Dog RV offered to help with the wish. They provided a 2020 Hideout RV and defrayed the cost significantly. They also held a party for Chris on their lot to celebrate the wish. Chris smiled and his eyes beamed wide when he saw his camper for the first time. He was delighted to find bunk beds inside.

When Chris and family took the camper home, Chris immediately tried to move into it. He gathered up all his toys and clothes and brought them out to the camper. Although his parents wouldn’t allow their three- year-old son to take up permanent residence in the camper, they let him sleep in it sometimes under supervision.

The camper has also made him popular with his friends who come over often to play in it. Chris and his family are currently planning a getaway to the lake for a little rest and relaxation.

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