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Mitch's wish to be a movie producer

Twelve-year-old Mitch of Boise has always wanted to be in a Star Wars movie! His wish came true on May 16, 2009. For eight months, Mitch and a large group of phenomenal volunteers worked hard to write, produce and premier a spoof on Star Wars, called ”Star Waiter.” This hilarious 30-minute movie captures the light vs. dark storyline with good food vs. bad food and characters such as Luke PieWalker, Pretzel Laia and Darth Waiter, just to name a few. This once in a lifetime opportunity gave Mitch a chance to learn the world of move production and made him a “Star” as he took on the lead role of Luke PieWalker.

Mitch at opening by movie poster.

An entire community came together to make Mitch’s wish come true. Riverstone International and Rolling Hills Charter began working on Mitch’s wish clear back in September and were finally able to put all their ideas into reality in a 3-day filming last month. The students of these two schools were joined by volunteers; Academy Award-winning director Ben Shedd, director Jesse Cordtz (adjunct faculty, communications department at BSU), screenwriter Doug Cole, Mitch’s friends, family and community members to help make Mitch’s dream a reality!

The filming was complete “with everything you would expect on the set of a ‘genuine’ George Lucas / Hollywood shoot. Director, producer, costumes, multiple hi-definition cameras, camera booms, special effects, great music, an experienced crew, cables, action and more. Volunteers were designing, choreographing, shooting and re-shooting the scenes until everything was perfect” (Idaho Statesman, 2009).

The movie in its entirety was shown at Mitch’s Movie Premiere on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise. The doors opened at 5:30 with a red carpet entrance by Mitch. The entire community was encouraged to come support Mitch and experience the power of the FORK! The community showed up in record numbers with an audience of over 700 people!

Immediately following the event, Mitch and his family enjoyed a private after party to celebrate his “wish experience” with everyone who was involved. Approximately 200 people showed up to celebrate with Mitch. A special thank you to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for donating the food and catering the meal. We would also like to thank Rockn’ Rooster for their wonderful DJ services provided at the event. The entire evening was one that will be cherished forever by everyone involved!

**This wish won the Infinite Wish Award from the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America. The Infinite Wish Award honors one wish fulfilled by a chapter that allowed for wide and impactful community participation. It also recognizes wishes that can generate collaboration, create synergies and even transform a community for a child!

Wish Granters: Erin Hogan & Riverstone International Students

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