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Volunteer Reflections

Wish Granter Rebeccah Fullmer

Since 2007, Rebeccah has granted the heartfelt wishes of 16 Idaho wish kids and is in the process of granting even more.

Rebeccah Fullmer (pictured right)

Rebeccah (pictured right) with fellow wish granter Kindra Serr at a Rodeo fundraiser for one of her wish kids!

Rebeccah has seen all kinds of wishes being requested of Make-A-Wish, from shopping sprees to celebrity meetings and continues to be an energetic and selfless wish granter year after year. Her dedication and commitment have brought smiles and cheer to many children with life threatening illnesses throughout Eastern Idaho. Thank you Rebeccah for being such a magical wish granter!

What made you first want to become a wish granter?

I started looking into the Make-A-Wish program when I was graduating from college. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I thought working for Make-A-Wish would be the best job ever!  I decided if I couldn't work for Make-A-Wish, I could definitely volunteer. I have been volunteering ever since.

Is there a particular wish you granted that stands out? If so what was the best part?

I do have a couple of wishes that stand out, but probably the most recent wish would be a shopping spree for a 13-year-old. That kiddo had the biggest heart and was so positive and so excited for his wish! I loved getting to know him and spending the day with him and his family. He had a list of everything he wanted and was completely organized. I think the best part of the wish was that some of the gifts he bought were things that he could do to play with his brothers and sister. He was so generous and wanted to make sure that he got things that he could share. He was worn out by the end of the day because he shopped at stores in Pocatello and Idaho Falls, but he had the biggest smile all day long! 

What is your most memorable moment as a wish granter?

I think my most memorable wish was my very first wish. We granted a family game room for him. His family painted the room and had it ready for us to bring in the games. It had a pool table, foosball table, basketball shooting game, and we also got him a gaming system. There was a lot involve. We set up while the family went to dinner and a movie. When they came home, he walked down the stairs and the excitement on his face was priceless! That was the moment that I knew this was something worthwhile. The joy that it brings to these kids' lives is indescribable.

If you could have your wish granted, what would your one true wish be?

I think that a fun wish would be to go to Harry Potter World and to volunteer at Give Kids the World!

What is it about Make-A-Wish Idaho that keeps you so involved?

I think the happiness that it brings to the kids to have their wish granted keeps me going! It's amazing to be able to help grant their wishes. I feel l get to do the easy/fun part of the wishes and I am always humbled at the appreciation of the families for the opportunity that they've been given.

What would you tell a new volunteer about why they should be a part of Make-A-Wish?

You won't regret volunteering! You meet so many awesome families and work with great people in Make-A-Wish. It's definitely worth your time to see the happiness on the kids' faces. I think it's also important to remember what these kiddos have faced to get where they are today. Some of them have been through some pretty tough times. There's a reason why they're getting their wish granted. Appreciate their strength and courage to be where they're at today.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your involvement with Make-A-Wish?

I think to take every opportunity you can to support these kids and this program. It truly is a humbling and incredible experience to help kids have their greatest wish granted!

Rebeccah's wish kid Rayna who wished to meet his favorite basketball player!

Rebeccah's wish kid Rayna who wished to meet his favorite basketball player!

Darren and Debbie Crays

During their 12 years of supporting Make-A-Wish, the Crays have taken part in just about every kind of volunteering.

Darren and Debbie Crays

Darren and Debbie are dedicated volunteers as they help with our signature fundraising events as well as being thoughtful wish granters. Through thick and thin they have continued to support our mission and donate their time to make it possible for us to grant a wish for every eligible Idaho child. Thank you, Debbie and Darren, for your amazing support and commitment to making our events a continued success year after year.

How did you start working on the Great Polar Bear Challenge?

Darren – “I used to waterski every year on New Year's Day and even got our youngest daughter to participate a couple of times when Make-A-Wish began sponsoring the event.  We both have newspaper photos from our participation in 2004 when I received the grand prize for donations collected and she was 3rd place for collections.  I have our framed certificates still in our home.  Overall collections were over $17,000 in 2004.  I was asked that year if I would like to help with the event since I was a firefighter at the time and had safety training.  I accepted and have been a part of the GPBC ever since.  I got my wife Debbie to come up a couple of years later to watch and we talked her into helping with the registration booth.  Our daughter Nichelle has also been volunteering for the event the last 2 years now.”

Do you have a favorite memory from the Polar Bear Challenge?

“We became Wish Granters in 2009 and have done 5 wishes so far. Our favorite memory was probably when we got to bring wish kid Joanna to the GPBC event this year because she wanted to see how the event helped raise money for the cause.”

What are some of the other ways you have helped Make-A-Wish?

“We have helped with Serving Up Wishes 3 years in a row. We have also collected letters to Santa for 2 years from Macy's in Nampa and made sure they were counted and delivered regularly to the Make-A-Wish office for processing.” 

What is it about Make-A-Wish Idaho that keeps you so involved?

“We found a passion in Make-A-Wish for which we wanted to continue to be a part.  We have participated in fundraisers for multiple charities for many of the 35 years we have been together always trying to better the cause. For some reason, Make-A-Wish struck a chord with us and the children pulled on our heart strings enough to want to keep with it. We have cried, laughed, been shocked, and even more so - impressed with the abilities of the children we have met along the way; fighting for everything they have!”

What would you tell a new volunteer about why they should be a part of Make-A-Wish?

“We always tell people that the best way to feel rewarded is to help children in their darkest hours.  We always talk about MAW and what it has done for us - the compassion, the emotion, and the satisfaction.  We also see and feel what it does for the children and families first-hand”.

Nichelle Crays Water Skiing at Lucky Peak



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