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Commonly Asked Questions


What can a child wish for?

We like to say that a wish is only limited by a child’s imagination; however, some restrictions do apply to protect the safety of the child.

Does “life-threatening” mean “terminal?”

No, a life-threatening illness is not necessarily a terminal illness. Many of our wish children go on to lead healthy lives, remembering fondly the wish that in many cases was an integral part of their healing process. 

How old does a child have to be to have a wish granted?

The child must be older than 2 1/2 and younger than 18 years old at the time they are referred to the Make-A-Wish Idaho to have a wish granted.

How much does it cost a family to have a wish granted?

Nothing. There is no cost to the family, we take care of everything.

Does the family’s financial status matter?

No, the economic background of the child and their family has no bearing on whether or not a wish is granted. The only qualifying factors are age and medical diagnosis.

Are all wishes publicized?

No, families can choose whether they will allow publicity of the wish. We always respect their need for privacy.

Can the child’s family participate in the wish?

Yes, the wish experience extends to the entire, immediate family living in the home, knowing that parents and siblings want to share in the magic too.

How do I refer a child?

Please visit our Refer a Child section or call our office at 208-345-9474.

What are the medical criteria for having a wish granted?

To qualify for a wish, the child must have a diagnosed illness that is considered to be life-threatening by their physician. We do consider wishes on a case-by-case basis, so it is always best to contact us if there is a question as to whether a child qualifies. The illness can be malignant, degenerative, or progressive.

Can a child qualify for a wish if they have received one from another wish-granting organization?

No, a child that has received a wish from another wish granting organization is not eligible for a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Does the family have to know I am referring their child?

Yes, the family must be aware that the referral is being made.



Artist Ward Hooper's I wish to Have and I wish to Be

Artist Ward Hooper's I wish to Have and I wish to Be


What percentage of my donation goes directly to granting wishes?

Approximately 78% of every dollar you contribute to Make-A-Wish® Idaho is used directly to help grant wishes. This percentage far exceeds the standard upheld by organizations monitoring the work of charities.

Does the Make-A-Wish Foundation telemarket?

Make-A-Wish does not, under any circumstances, engage telemarketers to raise money, despite sometimes being confused with other organizations that do. In fact, Make-A-Wish has a nationwide policy against telephone and door-to-door solicitation. There are a number of other sound-alike organizations – some also with “wish” in their names. Make-A-Wish has no affiliation with any other wish-granting organization. If you receive a call from someone asking for a donation, that person does not represent Make-A-Wish ®.

Can I donate my airline mileage to the Make-A-Wish Foundation?

Yes. Your donation of airline mileage can help us grant thousands of travel wishes. To donate your miles, please click here (Please note: you will be connected to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America web site where your gift will be designated for Make-A-Wish Idaho based on your zip code).

Can my financial contribution be tax deductible?

Yes. Make-A-Wish Idaho is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. As such, financial contributions may be deductible for federal income tax purposes. Please consult with your financial adviser to determine specifics.

Artist Ward Hooper's I wish to Meet and I wish to Go

Artist Ward Hooper's I wish to Meet and I wish to Go


How do I become a volunteer?

Please review the Become a Volunteer section of our website where you can find our most up-to-date volunteer needs.

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